Enjoy our Daily manu for one week and save money. We deliver our healthy and delicious luch to your home or office from monday to friday. Click here and order


We invite you to try our green juices. They’re organic, fresh and delicious. But the most important  is that they will help ypu clean tour body. Choose the one you like


The Reina Pepiada Wellness is our signature Wrap. Is the one everybody come to the store looking for. It has the venezuelan flavor but in a healthy way.


Enjoy this delicious chocolate hazelnut butter with premium quality organic ingridients. It comes in small batches to preserve premium quality standards and our fresh taste.


Ancient Harvest is recognized for being the first brand that brought the Bolivian Royal Quinoa to the United States and its variety of pastas speak for themselves on their quality.


P28 High Protein Pancakes are the perfect option for those leading a healthy lifestyle who don’t want to give up their favorite dishes. Check it out here

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