Spectrum Almond Oil


Almond Oil by Spectrum Essentials 16 oz Liquid Refined Almond Oil A high heat cooking oil rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats with a pure clean flavor. Ingredients 100 Expeller Pressed Naturally Refined Almond Oil.

Almond Oil 16 oz LiquidProduct Description

Almonds have long been hailed for containing monounsaturated fat. We coax out the almond’s oil by expeller pressing and gently refining to create a clean, fresh oil perfect for smoothing on skin, blending custom massage oils, or for high heat cooking in the kitchen.

  • Expeller Pressed
  • For High Heat
  • NON GMO Project Verified
  • A Non- Hydrogenated Fat Food

Directions This oil is best for high heat applications like sauteing, frying and all-purpose cooking. Excellent for skin care and massage. High Heat Up To 460F

Weight 1 lbs

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