Spectrum Sesame Oil


Spectrum Naturals Sesame Oil is wonderful for high-heat applications like sauteing, stir-frying and all-purpose cooking. This refined sesame oil endows foods with what the Chinese call “the breath of the wok.” From sizzling shrimp won-tons to seared sesame beef, Spectrum sesame oil releases flavors that are gilded with smoky sweet intensity as they meet the searing heat. It is gently refined using all-natural processes, making it an excellent choice for those Tuesday night stir-fries. This oil makes melt-in-your-mouth food and is kosher. It also has no hydrogenated fat and can make your meals more than appetizing. This cooking oil is ideal for wok cooking so you can create an authentic Asian meal for your family.

Spectrum Naturals Sesame Oil:

  • Kosher
  • Sesame cooking oil is refined for high heat
  • Expeller pressed
  • No hydrogenated fat
  • Bottled with an inert gas for freshness
  • Has a smoky intensity
Weight 1 lbs

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